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Welcome to the UIC WWW page which helps you to call up through UIC International Railway Telephone Network (IRTN). The UIC IRTN subscriber number structure is similar to the common PTT number structure. You can check the availability (off-line) of UIC IRTN.

If you need to set up call to a railway subscriber which is connected to the UIC IRTN and you do not know:

If you are not satisfied with the IRTN services, you can send a message describing the unavailable connection. Use From - To  (Railways). Having set the originating and destination country, you will be able to send connection failure report.

If you need to know all possible dialing codes from a calling railway, use Code Overview.

If you know the subscriber's name, you can try to find the name in the subscriber's list. Use the search window in Subscribers, please.

You can print the list of destination codes (directory book) for all or just selected railways.

If you need to send a message to railway contact persons (for topics related to the UIC IRTN Database only !!!), use Send Comment, please.

If you need to change the values and you are authorized person (you must be authorized person to do it), use Edit.

Whenever you would like to go back to home page, please click on the ERNST logo in the left-hand top corner.

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